The site is designed for people interested in complex systems and complex dynamical processes.

The Explorables are carefully chosen in such a way that the key elements of their behavior can be explored and explained without too much math (there are a few exceptions) and with as few words as possible.

The Site now also features Flongs, short for “foot longs”. These are tutorials on specific and paradigmatic complex systems that go a bit deeper, feature more interactive elements but require a bit more math.

Almost all interactive visualizations are implemented in D3 (Data Driven Documents). All the Explorables should work on your laptop or desktop computer and on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers (not sure about IE).

Some of the Explorables may not work on mobile devices but hopefully the majority does.

Complexity Explorables is also designed as an instructive element of a course in Complex Systems in Biology that I teach.

If you have ideas about specific systems that display interesting behavior and are straightforward to explain and that you want to see implemented, please feel free to contact me using the contact form below. I’ll try my best to accomodate it.


Dirk Brockmann

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