Welcome to Complexity Explorables

This site is designed for people interested in complex systems and complex dynamical processes. Complexity Explorables hosts different collections of interactive illustrations of models for complex systems in physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, social sciences, neuroscience, epidemiology, network science and ecology.

Topics include pattern formation, synchronization, critical phenomena, chaotic dynamics, evolutionary dynamics, fractals, collective behavior, reaction-diffusion systems and more.

The main collection is Explorables. Each explorable contains one interactive component and describes a single system. The models are chosen in such a way that the key elements of a system’s behavior can be explored and explained without too much math (there are a few exceptions) and with as few words as possible.

The site also features Flongs (short for “foot longs”). These are mini tutorials on specific and paradigmatic complex systems that go a bit deeper, feature more interactive elements but usually require a bit more math.

If you want to use Explorables in teaching or presentations, we have a Slide section. A slide only contains an Explorables’ interactive element, without the text, and can easily be used as part of a presentation or lecture.

Most Recent:

“Berlin 8:00 a.m.”

The emergence of phantom traffic jams

March 28, 2019

“Jujujajáki networks”

The emergence of communities in weighted networks

March 20, 2019

“Prime Time”

The distribution of primes along number spirals

March 12, 2019